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Targus APS12AP Smart Surge Protector 4 With 2 USB

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Targus APS12AP Smart Surge Protector 4 With 2 USB


The Targus Smart Surge protector product is BIS-certified (R41059609) and supported by the use of high quality hardware as well as top-grade manufacturing process. The Targus surge protectors prevent your equipment from drawing more electricity than what the power multiplier can handle. The surge protectors disconnect from the power, preventing electrical fires, and extending the life of your equipment by absorbing the damage caused by unstable voltage. The USB Smart detection automatically detects the exact charge required by the connected devices and delivers maximum charging speed accordingly.

Targus Smart Surge 4 is designed to reassure anyone worried about sudden power strikes that will damage expensive and most needed devices and equipment. It not only offers protection and multiple outlets, but also includes two USB ports for safe charging of mobile phones, iPad, iPhones, smartphones and medium-sized home appliances.

Targus Smart Surge 4 – equipped with features including overload protection, surge protection up to 1000 joules, non-flammable case and USB smart detection – is designed to protect user’s electronic components from failures and breakdown.

Additionally, the device features child safety shutters to prevent toddlers from putting fingers or sharp objects into socket. Targus Smart Surge 4 is rigorously tested to ensure safety for your family and devices.

  • Outlet x 4 plus USB x 2 (12W / 2.4A) 
  • Maximum Current: 250V, 13A or 3,250W
  • USB Smart Detection: Automatically detect which the exact charge required by the connected devices and delivering MAX charging speed accordingly
  •  USB Smart Detection – Fast charging USB with automatic voltage detection for connected products
  • Surge protection 1000 joules – Highest in the range available
  • Non-flammable case – Security
  • Child safety shutter – Security
  • Spaced outlets – Multiple outlets with space gaps to connect big adaptors simultaneously
  • Heavy duty 2 meters / 6.6 feet power cord – Extended cords
  • Overload protection – Smart Surge automatically trips and protects connected products in case of overload
  • Warranty Duration - 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Connected Equipment Warranty – Targus Insurance covers the repair of replacement of up to Rs. 20,000 for any electronic devices damaged by a surge, electric charge or lightning strike while properly connected to Targus Surge protector (terms and conditions apply).





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